Just a random person who loves J-pop and wants to get better at Japanese.

Currently a huge fan of utaite/utattemita, so I will be mainly translating their original songs or vocaloid songs they have covered (or songs I discover on Youtube’s related videos sidebar…)

I’m still an amateur translator whose Japanese isn’t even close to fluent, so my translations are in no way perfect. If you see a mistake somewhere, please point it out!

Currently open to suggestions. If you have a song you want translated, feel free to tell me and I will try my best to do so.
I don’t have very much free time right now, so if you want to request a translation, be prepared to wait 1+ months for it. You have been warned!

If you use any of my translated lyrics, please credit me!


27 thoughts on “About

  1. I don’t have any particulars in mind but it’d be great if you could upload some Nekomura Iroha translations 😀

    • I generally translate songs I like that haven’t been translated before, but I would rather not go around purely looking for songs to translate (and I mainly find my songs from popular utaite, which is why I don’t know any Nekomura Iroha songs). If you come across any song you want translated though, I’d be happy to give it a shot!

      • I believe there’s a good song called telephone rider but don’t remember the sm#, I’ll let you know if I find it again though

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